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How to turn off the lights without getting out of bed?

I get into bed because I am tired. When I am tired, I don't like to get out of bed. That simple. This Rube Goldberg shows one simple way to shut the lights without getting out of bed: Is there a ...

bedroom light  
user avatar asked by Tot Zam Score of 9
user avatar answered by holroy Score of 9

How can I quickly cool a water bottle?

Sometimes I only have 10-15 minutes and I have a water bottle out, but it's near room temperature. I need it to be near freezing, but I don't have time to do anything. Usually I will just put it in ...

temperature water drinks  
user avatar asked by michaelpri Score of 39
user avatar answered by Mooseman Score of 41

Finding a gold ring lost in the house

How can I find a gold ring lost in my bedroom, kitchen, or living room? I've already read this question, but it seems that many of the answers given there wouldn't apply to a search inside. It was ...

efficiency search  
user avatar asked by fi12 Score of 9
user avatar answered by DrMoishe Pippik Score of 7

Revive gel pens that stop working?

Gel pens are expensive and often stop working or never work at all. Is there a good way to revive gel pens that have lots of ink but refuse to write? I have tried heat, saliva, gravity, and the age ...

user avatar asked by Brenda Rose Score of 11
user avatar answered by Judith Score of 12

How do I get lint out of a headphone jack?

Spending most of its life in my pocket, the headphone jack of my phone frequently gets clogged up with lint. Usually I can tweeze it out, but this time I forgot, and tried to plug in my headphones, ...

cleaning headphones phone retrieval  
user avatar asked by fredley Score of 19
user avatar answered by William the Pleaser Score of 19

Find out if an egg is boiled or not without cracking it

How to find if and egg is not boiled before cracking it. If I have boiled several eggs and after that someone have mixed them with other not boiled eggs, how can I separate them. Of course I don't ...

food eggs  
user avatar asked by vladiz Score of 41
user avatar answered by Bogdan Alexandru Score of 58

How can I get rid of the tiny fish-bone stuck in my throat upon eating fish?

My dinner is a fried Milkfish. While I am eating a portion of this fish I feel a tiny bone is stuck near my throat. What are some effective ways of removing this?

food comfort  
user avatar asked by neferpitou Score of 23
user avatar answered by michaelpri Score of 16
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