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Top new questions this week:

Hack to indicate a forward slash or backslash in a filename when those are reserved characters?

In some common operating systems, including Windows, both the forward slash and backslash are reserved characters that cannot be used in filenames. Yet sometimes one has a good reason to want to ...

technology organization  
asked by RockPaperLz- Mask it or Casket 2 votes
answered by Tyler Durden 3 votes

How to get rid of bad breath while fasting?

Fasting causes bad breath, and as a muslim I fast these days. It is permissible to brush your teeth whilst fasting but it does not help. I think the bad smell has nothing to do with mouth and is ...

personal-care smell  
asked by Potassium 1 vote
answered by Lawrence 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Diesel fuel smell out of clothing?

I recently used the diesel pump on a frigid morning and got fuel on my polar fleece (synthetic material) gloves. I have soaked them, washed them normally, washed them in the dishwasher, soaked them in ...

cleaning clothing smell  
asked by Phlume 19 votes
answered by Jane Westin 7 votes

How do I find and kill a single mosquito in the middle of the night?

Many times a single mosquito will buzz in my ear at night (and bite me). I know if I kill it there won't be any others, but finding one is difficult.

home pest-control  
asked by Bowen 50 votes
answered by Hobbes 38 votes

How can I (painlessly) add or remove keys to my key ring?

One of the most excruciating things I have to do is to add or remove some keys from a key ring. I have to dig my way into the crack of the ring with my nails, which really hurts. What else can I do ...

home keys  
asked by Shevliaskovic 63 votes
answered by JSW189 66 votes

How to put a bandaid on the tip of your finger

I've had this problem a lot. I cut the tip of my finger on something and it starts to bleed. I try to put a bandaid on, but it just doesn't fit on right. The sides poke out and it just looks and feels ...

personal-care comfort health  
asked by michaelpri 14 votes
answered by Takkat 12 votes

How do I remove a bandage from thin skin?

I have a family member who has very sensitive skin. Sometimes He will have a cut or scrape or some such that needs to be covered with an adhesive bandage. While peeling off the bandage, the adhesive ...

asked by L.B. 15 votes
answered by michaelpri 17 votes

Make coffee with no coffee filters?

I woke up this morning to no filters for our coffee maker. We use standard sized basket type filters: Any thoughts on what could be used to replace the filter? I could resort to seeping the loose ...

substitute-tool drinks  
asked by Phlume 16 votes
answered by Phlume 16 votes

How can I get rid of the tiny fish-bone stuck in my throat upon eating fish?

My dinner is a fried Milkfish. While I am eating a portion of this fish I feel a tiny bone is stuck near my throat. What are some effective ways of removing this?

food comfort  
asked by neferpitou 23 votes
answered by michaelpri 16 votes
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