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How to avoid ice buildup in freezer?

The title says it all. The question is not how to get rid of ice in the freezer, but how to avoid ice building up in the first place.

user avatar asked by hontralla Score of 2
user avatar answered by Weather Vane Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What to use as a bandage substitute?

I've always wondered what I could use In case I ran out of bandages. So, it made me wonder, what exactly could I use to complement bandages. Note - The answers should be household items and not ...

home personal-care substitute-tool health  
user avatar asked by Prince Score of 7
user avatar answered by Lawrence Score of 7

How to quickly remove a splinter

Whenever I get a splinter, I have trouble getting it out. I pinch and pull at it. I bite it. I usually can't get it out for a while. When I can't get it out, it hurts to put pressure on the spot ...

personal-care comfort efficiency  
user avatar asked by michaelpri Score of 14
user avatar answered by Takkat Score of 13

Is there a way to erase pencil without a standard eraser?

There are times when I am away from home with my sketchpad and I realize I do not have my eraser with me. Are there any quick tricks to erase pencil marks on a paper without ruining the paper, or ...

substitute-tool stationery  
user avatar asked by Phlume Score of 25
user avatar answered by Pobrecita Score of 25

I can't stop sneezing

I developed a cold overnight. I have spent half the day sneezing and the other half of the day thinking I am about to sneeze due to an uncontrollable irritation to my nasal passage. Is there any way ...

user avatar asked by MrPhooky Score of 3

Car windscreen has lots of tiny scratches. How to remove them?

My car is 5 years old and the windscreen has many faint scratches and blemishes. These are so fine that they are not normally noticeable but when the sun is low and ahead they do become an irritation. ...

car glass  
user avatar asked by paul Score of 16
user avatar answered by holroy Score of 5

How to put a bandaid on the tip of your finger

I've had this problem a lot. I cut the tip of my finger on something and it starts to bleed. I try to put a bandaid on, but it just doesn't fit on right. The sides poke out and it just looks and feels ...

personal-care comfort health  
user avatar asked by michaelpri Score of 15
user avatar answered by Takkat Score of 14

Driving into garage where there is little room for error?

The length of available space to park inside the garage is 170 inches and the car is 162 inches. Thus leaving 8 inches maximum of room for error. If drive too far forward the car hit the wall. If ...

car organization garage  
user avatar asked by CRABOLO Score of 64
user avatar answered by JTP - Apologise to Monica Score of 26
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