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Top new questions this week:

Organising chargers for cordless devices

I have literally lost track of how many cordless devices I have in my house now; maybe 40. Thankfully, many of them use the same connector: Micro USB, USB C, Apple - but a quick tally still gives me a ...

asked by Lefty 5 votes
answered by BrettFromLA 3 votes

How to get a pillow "squashy" again after a few years of usage?

My pillows were bought a few years ago. At that time, they were squashy & bouncy. Now, they are flat with no bounciness; I need to stack up two of them to get them to the same height.

asked by kevin 2 votes
answered by Allison C 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I dry out the inside of my car?

The weather this morning was hot and dry, without a cloud in the sky. We have an uncovered parking lot at work, so I opened the windows an inch or two (2.54 cm to 5.08 cm for the more metrically ...

asked by GodEmperorDoom 7 votes
answered by ErinGoBragh 10 votes

How to turn off the lights without getting out of bed?

I get into bed because I am tired. When I am tired, I don't like to get out of bed. That simple. This Rube Goldberg shows one simple way to shut the lights without getting out of bed: Is there a ...

bedroom light  
asked by Tot Zam 8 votes
answered by holroy 8 votes

How can I get rid of the tiny fish-bone stuck in my throat upon eating fish?

My dinner is a fried Milkfish. While I am eating a portion of this fish I feel a tiny bone is stuck near my throat. What are some effective ways of removing this?

food comfort  
asked by neferpitou 23 votes
answered by michaelpri 16 votes

How to eat loud food (chips, celery) quietly

I like munching celery at work, but I don't want to annoy my co-workers. Today, I cut my celery into 1-inch (bite-sized) pieces so I don't have to loudly bite it off from the stalk. How else could I ...

food sound snack-food  
asked by BrettFromLA 22 votes
answered by Doug Watkins 20 votes

TSA lock reset button stuck

I have a VIP skybag (I believe this does not matter). It has a 3 number TSA lock inbuilt into the suitcase. I know the combination to unlock, let's say it's 345. Recently it was locked and while there ...

travel locks  
asked by Manish Tiwari 1 vote
answered by arieljannai 4 votes

How do I stop cars from tailgating?

What is/are safe way(s) to deter tailgaters? I'm looking for a way to give a polite message to the driver that is tailgating that they are following too closely and could potentially cause an ...

car safety travel  
asked by LuckyLuc 75 votes

How do I find and kill a single mosquito in the middle of the night?

Many times a single mosquito will buzz in my ear at night (and bite me). I know if I kill it there won't be any others, but finding one is difficult.

home pest-control  
asked by Bowen 45 votes
answered by Hobbes 36 votes
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