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Top new questions this week:

Prevent Riding-Mower deck v-belt from slipping in tall or wet grass

My Yardman MTD riding mower has a deck with a belt that's engaged only when I want to start cutting grass. The deck belt loops around a number of pulleys, and sometimes slips when I go too quickly in ...

home efficiency hardware  
asked by Wes Tomer 1 vote
answered by Wes Tomer 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Removing duct tape from my car without paint damage?

Duct tape is a wonderful product for making things stick together. It often will leave a sticky mess after you separate whatever you used it on. How do I remove the duct tape mess from my car without ...

cleaning car  
asked by Adam Zuckerman 8 votes
answered by Pobrecita 5 votes

What to use as a bandage substitute?

I've always wondered what I could use In case I ran out of bandages. So, it made me wonder, what exactly could I use to complement bandages. Note - The answers should be household items and not ...

home personal-care substitute-tool health  
asked by Prince 5 votes
answered by Lawrence 5 votes

How should I store super glue to prevent it from drying out?

It seems like every time I open a tube of super/Krazy/cyanoacrylate glue, I get one use out of it, and the next time I go to use it months later, the nozzle is clogged with dry glue (or worse, the ...

asked by jamesdlin 33 votes

How to keep bread fresher for longer

How do you keep bread fresh (lasting to/beyond the actual expiration date quoted on the packaging) as the bread I purchase always goes stale/moldy within a couple of days of opening. I've heard that ...

food storage packaging  
asked by Darren 30 votes
answered by MrPhooky 23 votes

How to stop shoes from squeaking on hard floors?

I have a pair of pretty nice shoes that I love, except when I'm going to work! We have hard linoleum-style flooring in most places, and carpet only in the office area where I work. When I have to go ...

asked by Canadian Luke 24 votes
answered by holroy 9 votes

Substitute for a tablet stylus

I do a lot of sketching and drawing on my iPad. I usually use a stylus, but I recently lost mine. I can draw with my fingers, but I would prefer to use a stylus because it's just easier and I can do ...

substitute-tool technology  
asked by michaelpri 10 votes
answered by Mooseman 7 votes

How can I quickly cool a water bottle?

Sometimes I only have 10-15 minutes and I have a water bottle out, but it's near room temperature. I need it to be near freezing, but I don't have time to do anything. Usually I will just put it in ...

temperature water drinks  
asked by michaelpri 40 votes
answered by Mooseman 36 votes
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