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What topics can I ask about here?

Lifehacks is a place to ask about seemingly intractable, stubborn problems that need a bit of thinking "outside the box". If your question is…

  • seeking uncommon solutions to common physical problems;
  • asking for unusual ways of using everyday objects to achieve a certain task or solve a specific problem;
  • looking for simple and practical tips to life's everyday problems that may not have an obvious solution

and it is NOT about…

  • conventional "how to…" questions about skills that can commonly be learned elsewhere;
  • using products in the way they were designed to be used (e.g. keyboard shortcuts, obscure features, how to get your smartphone to do {x});
  • "mind hacks" including personal productivity & self-improvement tips, memorization & learning techniques, etc;
  • contrived challenges that reject easy and readily available solutions simply to make the problem "more interesting"

…then you are in the right place.

Lifehacks SE is NOT a place to ask your everyday "how to…" questions. If your question amounts to learning a craft, or gaining some expertise in a skill you simply do not possess, your question may not be on topic here.

See to see how we got here.