Is there any way to easily take a flash light and make it spread its light out more like a lamp instead of just a straight beam?


Take a bottle filled with water. Make sure that the bottle is not colored. Now switch off the lights and focus your light source at the neck of the bottle, pointing it to the bottom of it.


A white, plastic shopping bag. Even when this bag is not completely white, it will still work! Basically, this is a combination of all answers mentioned before :)


The simplest method would be to use a Convex Mirror. A convex mirror reflects the light to all directions. This can be used to illuminate a small room, provided the torch is a strong enough. This is by far the easiest hack you can use. It is very economical, and efficient. Working of a simple convex mirror. (The red lines are you light beams)

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    Because everyone has a convex mirror lying around... Yes, this works well, but you'll get a harsh light that casts strong shadows, and are unlikely to have the required equipment. – Zeiss Ikon Dec 8 '15 at 15:24

Stand the flashlight with the lens up and put a frosted plastic medicine cup (the kind that comes with cough syrup) on the lens. The cup will diffuse the light with little loss (less than a paper cone or cup) and no color shift. The small cups in which single serving preserved fruit are sold will work for larger flashlights.


Depends on the flashlight. On some flashlights (e.g. Maglite) you can screw the mirror and lens assembly off, leaving the bare lamp in place. This will spread the light out more.


I would get a piece of paper and roll it into a cone with a base the size of your lens. Stand the lamp on its base and pointing upwards. Balance the cone on the lens. The paper will diffuse the light around the room.

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