I have a moderate but rapidly-growing collection of vinyl LPs. I want to keep these LPs on an open shelf, without them spilling over. Unfortunately, record storage crates won't fit on the shelf (at least not without hiding the records from view and making access cumbersome), and even the heaviest bookends I've found won't prevent the records from toppling over and shoving them over due to their sheer weight. What are some ways I can go about storing my records in an accessible, attractive way?


One way which was used back in the days, was drilling small holes in the shelf, and then using bent metal rods as shelf dividers. This could be moved at your pleasure. A variant over these theme could be to general shelf dividers (google image search).

As shown in images in above linke various alternatives exists, with various support strength, but in general these can be made sturdy enough to support LP's, and still be almost invisible, and thereby really showcasing the albums.


Milk crates make excellent record holders, and the fact that they can stack means that your shelving dimensions are quite flexible.


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You can store your records in a rigid (plastic or metal) open-front magazine holder, such as one of these:

Magazine holder Magazine holder

The magazine holders themselves all but disappear when they're placed side-by-side, as seen in this setup:

Magazine holders in action

Image sources: Amazon listing for Acrimet Magazine File Holder, Rubbermaid 96502ROS Deluxe Magazine Rack

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lay a stack on each end flat i think a stack of 20 or so should be ok and not damage the records due to presure

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  • This works with books but an LP left lying flat will warp. Store all your vinyl disks vertically.
    – Stan
    Dec 4 '20 at 17:53

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