I want to digitalize my diary. But larger the stack of pages or paper, the harder it is to take a photo of all of them manually with my camera. Especially I don't have any equipment or hardware to put the camera at the top and the notes at the bottom.

I am just asking for an easy way to take a photo of all the pages in the diary.

Is there a cheap, effective method I can use?

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Your best bet is to build a rig to fasten your mobile phone into, and get some software which takes picture at a regular time interval. Then you simply start the software, and start flipping pages. Look for stop motion or time lapse software for your camera.

Lets say you take a picture every 3 second, and have a stack of 200 pages, this will take 3 * 200 seconds. In other words 600 seconds, that is 10 minutes to copy the pages and some sore fingers...

  • Since I didn't hav enough reputation I can't up vote your answer. This is really a cool idea.. But if you suggest me any application I will accept the answer... thanks for this cool idea. You are really a life hacker man.... Thanks a lot
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  • Turn on the shutter sound so you get a cue for when to flip the page. Otherwise you could get pics of blurry hands. Also be sure to go into manual mode and lower the iso. Because the camera is fixed, you wont have to worry about hand shake and fast shutter speeds. Commented Dec 28, 2019 at 20:20

Holroy's answer is probably the best one, but I have an alternative. You could shoot a video of yourself turning the pages of the book. Then to read it, you just pause on any open page and zoom in. (I'm pretty sure my Samsung Galaxy S6 can zoom in on video when I'm paused.)

And with a little more work, you could make still shots from the video. For example, you could watch the video on a computer, pause each time the pages are open, and take a screenshot. (And save it as an aptly-named file.)

  • This is also a gud idea.. but you know, the clarity of photo will be lost if i record video and do screenshot. It maybe best idea for story book where we are not going to turn before pages again. but i am asking for study purpose. But cool idea dude.. thanks...
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    You're right probably right about the video quality, even if it's HD. (4k is probably plenty clear.) But @Holroy's idea is still probably the best! Commented Dec 10, 2015 at 19:58

You can also take continuous shots of the pages.Just set that camera above stack of quilts and one book if you have that.Go to settings and check for continuous shots.Increase the size for example from 40 to 99.Now in camere mode take the shot by pressing the shutter for long,during this procedure turn the pages continuously,in about 5 seconds 99 shots will be taken.This procedure will fall easy but and do it till end of your notes.Now you may like to edit by selecting best shots.

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