I'm planning a trip to the US in an area I don't know well. It would be really helpful if I have my smartphone with me for things like google maps and staying in touch with people. Sadly, my provider doesn't have a good plan for travel, the most they have is for $30 of which for 3 days you get 150MB of data plus free calls and texts. 150MB is hardly anything.

Also, I have 'Shaw Open' but that doesn't work in the US. Any suggestions?

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You will probably find it easier and less expensive to purchase a local prepaid phone for traveling to the US from overseas. Many include "unlimited" data plans. And if you are going to be in the US for more than a few days, it can save you a great deal of money.

It appears that you have several choices for smartphones from the local retailers (Walmart, among so many others). As of this writing, the prices run about $100, including the phone and air time.

You can forward calls from your normal phone to the prepaid, but may incur charges from your home cell phone carrier. Check with them.

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    Good answer! Also, my upvote on your answer pushed you past 3000 reputation points, so congratulations. :) – BrettFromLA Feb 18 '16 at 23:53
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    How/where is this done? Can I just by the sim card as I already have the phone? – Celeritas Feb 19 '16 at 1:51
  • If your phone uses the same frequencies as are used in the US, I suppose it is possible to get a SIM card. Some of the companies in the US will not allow phones on their network that aren't branded to the company, which is why I suggested the prepaid phone from a local provider. – Adam Zuckerman Feb 19 '16 at 2:11

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