I spilled yogurt on my new car's car seat and I have no idea what is the best or the worst way to clean it. I have a few ideas in my mind from Google search and some YouTube videos that I saw but not too sure which one of these is the best practice:

  1. Can I simply use furniture wipes to clean it without damaging the seat material?
  2. Can I use a wet cloth to clean it?
  3. Should I use any special leather friendly material to clean?

Any suggestions?

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    @AdamZuckerman Trying solutions randomly might mess things up. – Franck Dernoncourt Apr 3 '16 at 15:41

Saddle soap and warm water is a good way to clean leather. Dampen a cloth and wash/clean in a circular motion. Use a dry cloth to wipe up the soap and water and then another damp cloth to wash off the remains of the soap. A dry cloth to wipe up any remaining water and allow to dry naturally without direct sunlight on it. Once dry give the seat a rub over with a leather conditioner.

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