I had a cat that urinated on the landing of my stairs a few years ago. I removed the carpet and wipe it down when I vacuum the steps. I am wondering if the vinegar and baking soda combo and then a product like Kilz will work? I want to re-carpet the landing.


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I would suggest you a series of steps to follow in order to clean you stairs. I would recommend you to do this biweekly.

  1. First of all, if you have a carpet at the landing, remove it and give it a clean wash.
  2. Please ensure you put something like this as after wash for a nice smell.
  3. Now use these liquids to clean wooden floor.
  4. After a good dry at sunlight, you can put back carpet on to the landing.

For a frequent result, you could use these to remove smell.

I am not having any tie up with above products or companies. Please do take them as examples and you can select appropriate substitutes if needed.


Pet Smart has an enzyme spray that will break down the smell compounds. Not sure if it will damage the wood or not. I used it on painted wood and it didn't hurt the paint...

I successfully de-stank a room that had the same thing happen to it.

I also used a black light to see where the spots of pee remained, so I could really soak/scrub those areas with the spray.

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