I tend to enjoy what are effectivly a solutions of various poisons in water (AKA tea, coffee and coffee with milk). They are not exactly healthy for my babies so I need to have constant vigilance. Is there an easy hack so I can enjoy both the presence of my kittens and a cup of coffee?

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You can drink your beverage out of a to-go cup designed to be covered (usually to prevent spilling hot drinks). They also make more-robust personal tumblers which serve the same purpose, but are designed to be washed and reused over and over. That should keep the family pet from sampling your morning brew.

Product Search: Hot Cup with Lid

Product Search: Coffee Tumbler


In addition to the purpose-built cups and mugs with lids and covers, here's a Lifehacks answer. (inspired by a Robert Cartaino comment)

Place a small, light-weight saucer or "coaster" on the cup when you put it on the table or counter between sips. There's probably a perfect one sitting on the shelf in your kitchen or pantry.

This has the added benefit of keeping your drinks hotter or cooler than when left uncovered.


Might look very odd, but how about stretching part of a pair of [clean] tights (US, pantie-hose) over the top of the cup, secured by elastic bands.

You can drink through it, but the best the cats are going to get is a lick of the damp hosiery.

Alternatively, if somewhat cynically... why not put it where they can't reach :/
...because a dollar to a bag of buttons, they'll knock it over eventually...

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