I am hoping to go to a community where black clothing is preferred (but not mandatory). My best pair of boots is a polished brown, which I would like to turn to black.

I wanted to check in about how to do this with cheaply/easily acquired items.

How well or poorly would thoroughly polishing the exterior with black shoe polish work?

Are there are other materials or approaches that would make sense?


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You will need to go to a leather store or a shoe repair and tell them what you are trying to do. No home job here! This is for the experts. If you love your boots, a few dollars won't hurt. Happy hunting, Henry


Shoe polish and anything else creamy/pasty will not penetrate enough, unless perhaps melted. Needs to be something liquid and fine. Search "black leather dye." Four oz. runs about $5.


If you use a dye, it should work, but your best bet is to go to a professional for the job. However, they are quite expensive, and you could be better off getting new shoes. I suggest the dye. It really works after a few coats.

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