Do you have any tricks for making big life decisions? Or, for making them stick, once made?

Things I've tried:

  1. Going on a vacation. (Seems helpful for perspective, not for the decision sticking)
  2. Journaling (Seems to help introduce some logic into the process, but doesn't help with the emotional/spiritual part)
  3. Meditating/Praying/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it (Seems to help in generating ideas and different perspectives on the decision, but not really with making it)

Do you have ways of getting perspective around, and/or getting through these life decisions that have worked for you?

If so, please share!


Something I was once taught on how to make a decision, mainly of preference, but without sufficient information to decide on any logical basis.

Toss a coin. The traditional method; assign one outcome to heads, the other to tails (this works best with a dichotomy, but you could do the same thing with multiple options and the right kind of dice), then give the coin a nice, high toss.

By the time it comes down, you'll know what you were hoping it would show, and that's your choice.

For sticking with it, from there, it's just a matter of reminding yourself as needed that this is what you wanted to do. If it really is what you wanted, you'll find it easier to stick with it because you know that.

  • Thanks for your suggestion Zeiss. I'm going to see if I can reduce the questions into something simple enough to get one or more gut feelings from and give your method a try. – Dave Nov 3 '16 at 6:29

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