My luggage lacks any method to lock the wheels (I will try to buy one next time with this feature), and so that rolls on buses and trains without luggage holders; it resembles the following:

enter image description here

I must not position the luggage on its side, which would dirty or damage it on the floor.

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A pink pencil eraser cut into a wedge shape can be jammed between wheel and caster base on two wheels, to act as a brake. It can be inserted and removed in seconds, and makes no permanent changes to the luggage. If you find the large size, you can probably make two such wedges from a single eraser for under a dollar.


If you are serious about a hack, it will be better if you could replace two front wheels with this type of wheels.

enter image description here

For this you could reach out to a repairer. This would help you to avoid inserting pencil eraser frequenlty. I hope you know about the working of these stoppers and would be easy to get started using this stoppers. I am not branding this same product, you could go for similar types.

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