I have a book on programming, which means that I need to look at it when I am on my computer (meaning that I don't have any hands available for keeping the book open). The only problem is, it keeps closing itself.

What is there I could do to keep it open? It would be best if the solution is already an item the house instead of buying something.

Since this is on an uneven surface, a weight won't work since it would just fall off.


You can just use your pen cap to clamp a bunch of pages so that it would not fly. Its easy and you don't need to buy anything.

you can see in that image

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Make book holder out of old metal hangers.

metal hanger instructions

Refer artistshelpingchildren.org for detailed steps to achieve it.

Or this video.

Or just buy a book clip:

example of metal hanger keeping book open

Book clips are quite cheaper than the book holders.


Binder clips fits perfectly for this application.

They are also used for various other purposes.

enter image description here


I simply use a string. For example when playing piano and wanting to keep the book open on a certain page, I slip the book between the lid and a string that I always have around the lid. enter image description here


I am using hair clip when I need to hold the songbook while playing the piano. The advantage of this is mainly that it is large enough to hold the whole book and not only a few pages.

hair clip

hair clip holding a book


Just take a large rubber band that will fit over the book from side to side and once you have the page you want....slip the elastic over the book near the top. You can increase the number of elastics for larger books or slip a chop stick under the elastic for more rigidity and stiffness.


Surprised nobody has mentioned book stands. I am looking to buy "WIZ book stand" as used by youtuber "The Man Sitting Next to Me" in his study live streams. Seems to be a solid solution given you have the physical space. Links below.

The Man Sitting Next to Me's: https://amzn.to/2M9aVVW

Another one, highly rated: https://www.amazon.com/BestBookStand-Nice-Production-Bookstand-Bookstands/dp/B00MVBDLFC/

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    "It would be best if the solution is already an item in the house instead of buying something" This is why no one has mentioned it. Thanks for letting me know anyway.
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    Mar 8 '19 at 20:55
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    Oh sorry, missed that! Well the only option here that both holds books open and upright is the wire hanger, but it sucks to be blunt.. It's just too light weight, so this is looking like my only choice
    – Chris K
    Mar 10 '19 at 0:54
  • laundry peg.... Mar 28 '19 at 14:15

Get Something that is flat and has more weight than the book.Then place it behind the book.Then get a binder clip and put it on the weighted side of the book.Then lay the book down on something and then you will never lose the page.

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