I got keratoconus and that meant bad eyesight. I am not used to wearing goggles but now I feel I should, the reason I don't is I completely forget I need them or I need them only when I know I had to watch a presentation etc. My mind is always looking for a logical reason which it can accept it. Any hack to make myself wear goggles all the time?

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Incorporate putting on your glasses into your morning routine. I.e. put them on first thing in the morning, and don't take them off until you go to bed.

  1. Try getting your best friend to remind you all the time to wear them
  2. Get some really funky ones so that you look cooler
  3. Try wearing a string with them so that they just hand around your shoulders in case you forget
  4. Reward yourself a treat for every week that you had the glasses on all the time
  5. Punish yourself if you don't
  6. Pay a dollar to your best friend (as a piggy bank) every time you forget, I'm sure it will help :)

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