Would Cocoa Butter vitamin E skin cream be a good leather boot conditioner?

Ingredients are purified water, mineral oil, Cetearyl alcohol petrolatum glyceryl stearate beeswax, polysorbate 60 sorbitan stearate methylparaben propyl para ban vitamin e disodium EDTA cocoa butter.

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The following can also be other substitutes:

  • Beeswax-solid: Used for protection of leather. It creates a barrier for environmental influences
  • Coconut butter-semi solid: It conditions the leather surface.
  • Sweet Almond oil-liquid: Softens the leather internally and replaces the natural oils lost through dying
  • Castor oil-liquid: This is heavier oil that provides the 'shine'. This could be replaced with mineral oil if necessary.
  • What household things you might use actually tend to dry the leather too much, i.e. should I use an ammonia spray to clean dirt? Jan 11, 2017 at 14:43

Try Nikwax, rubbed in thinly using a cloth and left in a warm place.

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