Does anyone know of a way to remove stains caused from dry-erase markers?

I was using the side of my fridge as a whiteboard and it seemed to work fine at first... but I left what I wrote up on the fridge for a couple of weeks and when I tried to wipe it off it left a blue stain. I've tried scrubbing with soap and water and a bunch of other household cleaners with no avail.

fridge with stains


Isopropyl Alcohol
If the typical 70% rubbing alcohol isn't removing everything, try the higher concentrations (90%+ solution). The 70% solution works, but not quite as well as the higher concentrations. As a bonus, rubbing alcohol also removes permanent marker if someone should accidentally take one to your board or refrigerator instead of a dry erase marker.

Failing that, try peroxide. That works pretty well, too.

NOT Recommended

Here are a few suggestions I've tried, but DON'T recommend:

WD-40 It works but it smells. It's also a solvent and I've found it removed some of the smooth finish off my dry erase board (may not apply to your refrigerator), so the marker became hard to get off from then onward. And if you don't get all the WD-40 off, the markers won't write as well.

Hairspray used to work, but many hairsprays don't contain much, if any, alcohol anymore.

Toothpaste is an abrasive. It cleans a lot of things, but when you micro scratch the surface you are cleaning, it creates a matte surface that makes the marker really hard to get off the next time.

Optional Experiment: Once you get the blue stains off, try sealing the surface of your refrigerator with paste car wax. I've not tried it myself, but I've heard that makes the dry erase marker easier to wipe off to keep the surface clean. I've not tried this yet, but let me know if it works.

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I've noticed that the dry-erase markers will erase what they write over. The fresh moist marker can then be erased and enough of the marker solvent in the new mark is sufficient to take the old mark off with it.

Furniture polish (Endust, Pledge, etc.) is another non-abrasive, non-dissolving thing to try. You don't need much.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has worked for some.

Some have had great success with Goof-Off which is a general purpose cleaner.

When all else fails, dry-erase marker liquid remover (made by Expo and Quartet) is available.

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Magic Erasers clean just about everything, and they are easy to use.

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WD-40 did the trick.

I'd pulled out the dry erase marker and left a note on the white fridge...and turns out the fridge front latched on to that marker with a vengeance.

  • Rubbing alcohol (50%) - zilch
  • Goo Gone - zilch
  • Various kitchen cleaners - zilch
  • WD-40 won the day

I didn't want to get into abrasives.

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Glass top range cleaner worked for me.

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