This is likely to be a really rare situation. I bought Sony's Digital Paper DPT-RP1 and it was great. Unfortunately, while it has a wonderful design, it doesn't seem to be so sturdy. Just now, its stylus rolled to the ground, and the stylus tip broke in half!

Broken tip:

Broken tip

Normal tip:

Normal tip

Unfortunately, it seems that the break was exactly at the surface where the first (longest) part of the tip is connected with the second part of the tip. Now, the first part of the tip is totally stuck within the stylus (there is a kind of latch mechanism to hold it in place) and I don't seem to be able to find a way to get it out.


There are about 2cm from the outside of the stylus to the broken part.

I tried to use a needle to nudge it out to no avail. I guess it's really tightly snatched in place by the mechanism around, and it's really long.

I don't live in the US so the local Sony here doesn't officially provide any support. I really don't want to buy another stylus which would cost me more than 100 USD... Is there any hope to get it out somehow? Would some sort of local tool store be able to help me?


Maybe it would work if you heat a thin needle to the point where it melts the plastic the tip is made of, stick it into the stuck part, wait till it cools and solidifies, then pull the needle? Could check first on the other part of the broken tip to see if it would work on that kind of plastic. Or use a really thin drill to drill a hole in the center, put a slightly thicker screw into it, pull.


This happened to me this morning, but I successfully got it out. What I did was take a thin bobby pin and ran the tip of it along a rough piece of metal in one direction over and over till I bent the very tip into a tiny hook. Then I inserted it into the stylus to the side of the latch mechanism's opening. I made the sure the hook was facing the broken plastic tip and I carefully barely ran it back and forth and pressing against the plastic to make a small groove so I could try pulling it out. I had to try it a few times and it didn't seem like it was working till I took another look inside and realized it popped out at some point during the process. I don't know how far back the coils for the active digitizer is, so don't go too far back; just enough to tough the broken plastic tip. Hope this works for you or anyone else reading this!


I just did this. All it took was a pin (I used a safety pin, because it's easier to get a grip). I jabbed it into the top of the tip HARD and then slowly pulled up. The tip came right out, first try.

  • Good for you then. I was never able to jab a pin into the (pen-like) tip. Maybe it would be easier with the pencil-like tip. – xji Oct 11 '18 at 16:10

Superglue works well! I've tried the needle heating method but the needle just couldn't pull out the broken part even though it's already penetrated half of the tip. So I applied a little glue on the surface of the needle then stick into the hole and waited for about 2 min to pull the whole thing out~ enter image description here

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