What can we do to sleep much better and peaceful in less time, also when you are **much tired mentally and physically **?

What should we take care of??


Research in this area shows that the number one enemy of sleep is light, and the number two enemy of sleep is sound.

So, a sleep mask and ear plugs will go a long way to helping with sleep.

Secondly, a daily routine is important. Try to always go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Have a routine for "bedtime" also ... for example, feed the cat, hair & teeth brushing, check the door locks ... do it the same way every night.

Third, physical exercise is necessary, but not TOO soon before bed. Do exercise a good bit, but never after about two hours before your sleep time.

Finally, there are plenty of things that are simply too stimulating to do if you want to sleep anytime soon. In particular, many people should avoid caffeinated beverages after mid-afternoon, and research is now showing that "screen time" (that is, computer, television, smart-phone, etc.) should be limited during the hours immediately prior to sleeping.

Pleasant dreams to you!

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  • Thanks Kevin, I think I will have better sleep when I will perform on your recommendations – Shubham nautiyal Jul 11 '17 at 4:18
  • 1
    another great thing that i've researched and love is magnesium tablets before bed. they don't make you sleepy but in my experience they turn 4-5 hours sleep into feeling like 6/7/8h rest. give it a try. – StevenXavier Sep 15 '17 at 20:14
  • I would be wary of taking too much Mg, but yes, many people have low blood levels of Magnesium and bring that up often helps to improve sleep. I've done it as well. – Kevin_Kinsey Sep 18 '17 at 20:50

1. Exercise regularly: The National Sleep Foundation has scientifically proved that exercise in the afternoon can improve sleep in the evening. However ensure not to exercise right before bed, as that had the opposite effect.

2. Cut out alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes: Generally we think that alcohol can be relaxing and help you get to sleep, but it’s damaging to the sleep cycle once you’re out. The end result is a rough, restless night where you wake more frequently than you would. Caffeine on the other hand has a different effect. It lengthens the 2nd phase of your sleep cycle (where your brain starts reorganizing itself and processing the day)—which is great for naps, but not for a night of deep sleep. Caffeine shortens phases three and four, where REM sleep and dreaming occurs. Cigarettes on the other hand, or specifically nicotine, can be relaxing in small doses, but too much keeps you awake and prevents the onset of sleep entirely.

3. Meditate before bed.

4. Adjust the temperature: Some studies have shown that optimal sleeping temperature for most adults is between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (~20 degrees Celsius).

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I agree with kevin kinse`s answer. But I found some additional hacks apart from light and sound which are essential and basic requirements of sleep.

  1. Most important is avoid violent/horror games, movies or serials in daytime they seriously hampers your quality of sleep This is a lifestyle change. but if you can achive it you will feel much more energy and have good health.

  2. Nidrasan : Type of yoga where you relax your body. It helps to get most out of your less time. You will be rcharged in very less time even though you are not asleep. Specially selective relaxation will do wonders. If you fall asleep when you do the aasana then also its good for you as quality of sleep will be much much better. This should be the precise answer to get peaceful sleep in less time

  3. Soothing music half hour before sleep. This will set your mindset in peaceful state. My personal favorite is realxmp app from android. you can find your personal favorite on playstore. 4.Food : Do not overeat(Quantity) till you can not take more. You may not be aware but it hampers your sleep if indigestion is your problem. Try light food(Quality) and do not eat till your stomach is full. Keep some space for air and water.
  4. Avoid diuretics(search on google) like green tea,coconut water after 6.0 pm. your urge to go for loo will disturb your sleep.
  5. last but not the least if there are mosquitos it makes sense to have a mosquito net which will help you sleep better.

You have to find out your reason and try above things and follow all the possible ways that will give maximum benefits to you.

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Using a sleep tracker, I found that by staying up about 30 minutes later I was able to wake up in a more natural part of my sleep cycle. It made me feel more more refreshed in the morning.

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A cool room temperature and a warm shower before bed signals the body it is time to wind down for sleep. I cannot wear ear plugs so I always have a fan on in my room to mask sounds. If you don't care for the air movement of a fan, there are sound machines you can put beside your bed that will generate sounds you find relaxing such as rainfall or ocean waves.

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For some reason I stopped having sleep problems since I started drinking a glass of cold water right before I go to bed. Don't know how and why but it works for me.

Also try to not to think about not sleeping when trying to sleep. Anxiety and anger about not sleeping quickly will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Instead try to think about trips or vacations you had and generally moments that make you happy and calm.

Another very important thing for you in order to sleep quickly is to be able to breathe properly. Blowing your nose before sleeping does the trick.

These of course are not scientifically approved or tested methods. But they work for me..

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  • "I stopped having sleep problems since I started drinking a glass of cold water right before I go to bed" Quite strange since drinking should perk you up. It's usually advised to not drink before going to bed, to facilitate falling asleep (you'll feel more and more drowsy as time passes without drinking). – gbr Jul 13 '17 at 13:17
  • @gbr it might be completely placebo but I feel that it helps me a lot! – papakias Jul 13 '17 at 13:55
  1. Sleep early. The hours before 12AM are twice as restful for your body, and this is also the time when your body detoxes.
  2. Go to bed regularly. By going to bed early at the same time every day eventually bring you into rythme and you will be able to wake up early and refreshed
  3. Have a goal, a purpose, why you are waking up early.

As an additional side note, short naps of 20 minutes are much more recharging than longer naps.

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