I bought an expensive ankle boot but I somehow got some darker grey spots on them. I expect it maybe an oily substance and so I tried using dish soap and scrubbed them but it left a darker scrubbed patch on the affected part. I also tried using hot water and cloth and it didn’t work. Please provide me a hack for removing the same.

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Whenever I have this sort of oily stain on clothes I use pure orange oil. In Australia it is readily available in supermarkets. Rub it in and then wash in washing machine. Almost always works. With shoes I would do the same on a trial stain and then get some warm soapy water and remove the orange oil and stain and then let it dry. This is a suggestion but I admit I have never used it for that application. Orange oil is very versatile. I have used it to remove paint scratches on a car where the scratch was the result of foreign paint being deposited on the car i.e. the car backed into a white post and the paint scratch was mostly from the post.


I suggest you the following methods to remove oily stain. The following are applied generally for greasy stains.

  • Acting quickly upon incident, clean leather with a microfiber cloth or with talcum powder. Instead of rubbing, try blotting gently and it would be better to use lint free micro fiber cloth.
  • Identify the pattern of leather and try to dismiss the stain by blotting from outside the stain to inside.
  • You can use baking soda, table salt to prepare a homemade cleaning solution. Apply the same.

Corn starch. Put it on any grease or oil And it turns into like a texture you can just wipe off, then coconut oil to give em a nice shine

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