I have honey spilled on mattress, How could I remove and clean it?
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rub in a little neat dishwashing liquid using a sponge all over, then use hot water dabbed on with a towel, to remove both. It will take time to dry out.


I use vinegar and dish washing soap for sticky stains.. dilute the vinegar with an equal part of warm water with the dish soap already in it and use a towel to scrub the daylights out of the stain.

Alternatively Skin-So-Soft works wonders on sticky things but will cause dyes/pigments too run and bleed


Always, the best practice when something similar occurs accidentally is to act gently. The following can also be performed to remove honey stains:

  • Outside to inside wiping using a spoon to remove extra honey that you can extract from the affected surface, and don't take it for edible purpose.
  • Using a dull knife to scramble up the solidified honey from the affected surface.
  • As everyone will suggest washing under clean cold water, this can also be listed, but to be done from the backside so that, water will carry away honey components.
  • Trying out stain removers available in your market is also appreciable.
  • Treat affected part with hot water. Soak the part and wipe out with the cloth. Repeat the steps.Increasing temperature makes honey dissolve into water. (Please note that certain of them may fade after this treatment. Please check with company instructions, if they can bear the temperature, then only go for this)
  • If nothing works, please resort to dry cleaning or any other chemical treatments.
  • cold water will coagulate the honey further, and even if he could get to the backside of the stain, its on a mattress and the mattress is sealed. Water alone, hot or cold will not remove honey, you need detergent. Dec 19, 2017 at 9:52

Honey definitely contains sugar.If and when sugar dries on a surface, it remains sticky in a seemingly weird way. Therefore, wipe repeatedly with a wet piece of cloth to dilute the sugary content and leave it to dry.

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