Due to an increasing waistline I have recently started using suspenders. They work well EXCEPT that I have to attach the clips over the belt loops as the extra cloth makes for a more secure attachment. Now it is fairly rare that a clip will fly off. However most belt loops are not evenly spaced -- not centered in the rear or evenly spaced in the front. How can I increase the gripping power of my suspender clips so I can place them wherever I choose?

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    Something might be wrong with the clips on the suspenders. Often, the clip will become distorted due to being used on fabric that is too thick. When this happens, it is possible to "fix" the slight bend to grab thinner cloth. Look carefully at the clips to determine where to make the "repair." – Stan Jan 23 '18 at 19:03

You could sew small buttons onto your pants' waistlines at the positions you like to clip the suspenders. Then you fasten the clip over the buttons each time. Since the buttons stick out from the fabric, the clips will have a lot of extra "grip".

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