Washcloths used for bathing/showers seem to lose their softness and start feeling rough really quickly. And putting them through the wash doesn’t completely restore them. Is there a certain way of washing them or maintaining them that can help them stay soft? Or certain laundry detergents? Or are washcloths used for bathing bound to quickly become permanently rough?

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    Possible duplicate of Prevent scruffy towels – Kevin May 4 at 9:59
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    @Kevin Because I’m asking about a small cloth that consistently gets soaked, is used for scrubbing, and often wrung out, I don’t see this as a duplicate of that question. – Marathon55 May 4 at 10:56
  • Do you use a tumble dryer? If not, try that. If you do not have one, talk with someone who has, maybe you can have them dry some cloths for you. – Willeke May 5 at 9:26
  • It may be minerals from hard water accumulating in the terry cloth. Try washing in hot vinegar to dissolve some... though the expense of the vinegar probably outweighs replacing the towel. – DrMoishe Pippik May 7 at 4:39
  • Using fabric softener during washes might help. – jmrpink Aug 9 at 18:33

Washing and drying anything - whether it's washcloths or clothes - puts the fabric through a lot of wear and stress. To keep the newness of a fabric, handwashing in cold water is the best way.

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