I'm a student and literally new to this site. I'm very weak in book reading skills and didn't remember the most common words whenever I start reading my books I start getting bored and couldn't concentrate on my studies and reduce my time to pay attention to all my subjects. I didn't even build up my interest in books. I want to know what should I do to enhance my remembering and reading skills?


There are a few parts for your question:

1. Build up interest in books

Two methods to find a book you'll be interested in, and you'll most likely succeed reading:

  • Find a popular, easy and readable book, that the chances are high you'll enjoy and get into it.
    It can be a roman, thrillers, comedy, horror, drama etc.
    • For this purpose, it would be the best to join some Facebook group that is about reading, and ask for a recommendation for something easy, fun and readable. I know such groups, but not in English, and I've seen this scenario many times - including people like you, that want to learn how to read and get into it.
  • Find a book on a topic you're interested in: history, bibliography of someone, techy books - it really depends on your fields of interest.

2. Enhance remembering

Some methods I know, include critical reading, which is a good way to practice and remembering what you've read.
The point is to read a bit, and then stop and think about what you've read, ask yourself questions about it etc.
Kind of testing yourself on what you've read - it can be very helpful for school/academical purposes.

It can be applied to every form of reading - for fun or academic - you only adjust yourself by the questions you ask yourself about the text.
For example, in novels, you can just stop for a second and tell yourself again what just happened, follow the characters etc.

3. Reading skills

The main goal is to be able to read fluently and not getting bored after a few minutes, or being frustrated by not understanding some words.
If you encounter words you don't know, but you think you understand the context (e.g "It's nice and xxxx outside" - I guess xxxx is something positive). If the word keep showing up, or you feel you miss the point of the sentence - check it out in the dictionary.

To keep remembering new words you learn, you should use them - try to build more sentences using those words. Maybe write down your new words and try to create a sentence with as many new words as you can!

More tips

  1. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. Minimize distractions while reading (in general, but at least until you're used to it) - close your phone/computer/anything and focus on reading.
  3. Read things that interest you, or touch you.
  4. Instead of scrolling your smartphone in transportation - take with you a book, or even a pocket book.
  5. Create a reading supportive atmosphere around you (I like sitting in the park with my girl friend and read).
  6. Ask people you care and interest about what they read, or tell them about what you have read.

if you want to improve your skills in reading then simply follow theses four rules 1::Prereading

Make sure you understand the type of text you have

Decide on the purpose of your reading.

Scan your reading before you begin.

2::Reading Intensively

Read intensively if you want to practice the fundamentals and learn vocabulary.

3::Reading Extensively

Try extensive reading if you’re looking for understanding.

4::Staying Focused and Motivated

for more detailes visit https://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Your-Reading-Skills

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