I don't shave every day. If I try to apply skin toner to my face with a cotton pad, and I haven't recently shaven, then the pad gets carded to shreds against my facial stubble.

My toner is expensive, so I don't want to try to dab it on my face with something thicker that will soak up too much (like a washcloth).

How can I apply toner to my face, sparingly, when I have rough stubble?

Do you pay attention to the "grain" (direction) of your hair growth?

Have you noticed that going "with" the grain allows your hair stubble to lie flat with little resistance? Going "against" the grain lifts the stubble so that it becomes a stiff brush.

Use the cotton pad to go according to the direction pattern of your hair growth.

If the pad snags, go in the opposite direction for application and removal of skin toner.

  • Yes, good idea. But it takes a few days for my hair to grow long enough to lie down; I'm asking about that period where the stubble is essentially poking straight out without a lie and feels like sandpaper regardless of the direction of stroke. – Lysander Sep 11 at 13:53

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