I bought this bottle of fish sauce and cannot seem to find a proper way to open it. Tried some methods but so far all failed 1: using my fingernails to pull the translucent plastic cork upward; 2: unscrewing the whole yellow cap with absolutely brutal force (apparently the translucent cork itself blocks the unscrewing); 3: use scissors to cut off the translucent cork (this one probably could eventually make an opening if you are persistent enough to trim off everything. However, I suspect there is a proper and cleaner method to open this bottle). Can someone suggest a method to open it?

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Googling around, I found these tips, which all basically say to slice off the inside cover.

  • Take a sharp knife and carefully slice off the plastic top. I used a steak knife and slowly cut it. I was tempted to hack it up into pieces, but I had to control my rage so I don’t accidentally stab myself. - Diana Chan, foodology.ca

  • I am not alone in being somewhat puzzled by how to open the Golden Boy fish sauce bottles. The punchline is to take a knife and to cut off the raised "nipple" so that you have an opening. - comradechufood

  • Do you mean after flipping the cap back? Many have that little nipple thing that needs to be cut off - Candy, Chowhound

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    Thx, I just cut out the"nipple" to make a hole lol
    – y chung
    Sep 20, 2018 at 15:43

They wouldn't make all that just so you would cut it off. I'd suggest poking a hole with a needle.

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    Some hole, you'd need to use a knitting needle! Just cut the nippl off (not the whole clear plastic part, just the little sticking-up part on top of the clear plastic part)
    – Caius Jard
    Sep 21, 2018 at 19:17

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