Assume that a person needs to complete a chapter in a textbook that he never red before.

What is the hack procedure to complete in less possible time. Is there any established method that has wide acceptance?

Note that the chapter contains introduction, content, conclusion and questions in sequence.

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    The hack would probably be “find a good classmate and let them give you a summary”. For a real solution, learn about “efficient reading skills” - many universities offer material on this. But that’s not a hack, it’s a technique. – Stephie Oct 22 '18 at 19:11
  • What do you mean by "complete" - reading, understanding, rewriting or answering the questions, etc? – Lawrence Oct 23 '18 at 0:14
  • I mean to complete in all aspects.... – hanugm Oct 23 '18 at 3:16

If you are short on time, I suggest the following order:

  1. Introduction.
    You need to understand what topic will be covered and which basic assumptions are important for the given chapter.

  2. Conclusion.
    To understand what the author really wants you to learn from the text.

  3. Questions.
    This will tell you which details you need to focus on when reading the rest of the text.

  4. Content.

1 + 2 are like the shortest route from A to B. 4. Is like the scenic route. And 3. kind of lists the sights you shouldn’t miss.

This is a strategy if you need to finish a homework exercise and you were procrastinating. It’s not necessarily a way to really learn and understand the material.

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I think what you need to learn is how to do 'skimming text' (getting the main idea of a text) and 'scanning text' (searching for specific piece of information within a text). You can find a lot of useful tips about them on the web (they take some time to master, but they are both very useful skills to have).

Specifically on your question, it all depends on the subject and the way the book is written, but if you are certain that all important information from the chapter is covered in the questions, you could start from there (and use the scanning and skimming techniques to find the answers within the main text).

(The skimming and scanning techniques are needed, along with other situations, to complete the reading comprehension parts of some exams where it is not possible timewise to read the whole text.)

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