I have listen in research that the plastic shopping bags we used to put eatable things like fruit vegetables can effect thier nutrients which is harmful for health so which type of bag is suitable with less price

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    I'd like to see a link to this research. The groceries stay in the bag for maybe an hour, too short to have a big influence I'd expect. – Hobbes Nov 15 '18 at 14:59
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    Hi banneen, Welcome to Lifehacks. Please include the source of your research. The reference to your statement is rather vague not specific which would be helpful. Please use "edit" to add more detail to your question. Read the help center for more guidance. – Stan Nov 16 '18 at 6:32

It does not matter what you use to carry food from the market (or other source) to your home after shopping or harvesting.

Any container (bag or box) that is clean, and convenient to carry that does not damage the contents during transportation is suitable to carry food from the market to your home. It does not matter if it's plain or fancy — paper, plastic, or cloth. Anything goes.

Most of the time, food is packaged to prevent damage from handling it while it is being transported to your store or market. The issue with packaging nutrients is less important with how they're packaged and what they're packaged in than for how long the food has been sitting after it has been picked. Old, beautifully-packaged food in crystal-clear containers is not so nutritional as fresher food in a plain brown paper bag- for example.

Nutritional value is diminished by 1. Time; 2. Exposure to air and light after it has been picked, or cut. 3. Exposure to heat which oxidizes (degrades) the food nutrients we need.

To preserve optimal nutrition; eat clean, freshly-harvested and prepared food, cook for the minimum amount of time necessary to prepare it safely.

After the foodstuff is in your home, the relevant question is what is the best way to store your food to preserve it until you eat it. This is another question which depends on what the food is, how it is packaged, how it is prepared, and where it will be stored: warm, cool, cold, frozen, in glass, in metal, in plastic; fresh or cooked; and for how long.

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