I use a oil for hair. Sometimes don't having time or any other reason I can't wash my hair immediately. Is there any way or tip for removing oil from hair without hair washing?


Boar/natural bristle hairbrushes are very good at distributing oils in your hair. If the oil is concentrated in one spot (your scalp, for example), brush from your scalp to ends to distribute the oils more evenly. You can also use one of these brushes in combination with dry shampoo or powders to absorb some of the oil.


There are special dry powder hair shampoos which you put on hair and comb it out or just leave it, depending on the product.

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    Yes - dry shampoos are the way to go - they are readily found in pharmacies, like Rite Aid and CVS, etc. And they work well, too! – suse Jan 17 at 3:14

If I remember correctly, you can rub corn meal into your hair, which will absorb the oil, and then brush it out.

50 years ago there was a product called PSSSST that was touted as a dry shampoo spray; spray it on and brush it out. It might have used a corn product to absorb the oil.

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