Today, a bottle of oil slipped from my hand and fell onto the carpet. I tried removing the oil from the carpet by rubbing it with detergent, but it is not coming out. Can anyone tell me a better way to remove the oil from the carpet?


Do your best at everybody else's tips here but if it still doesn't come out I would call a Chem-Dry carpet cleaner.

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You need to have 3 items to clean up your carpet
1. Denatured alcohol
2. Any water based cleaning detergent
3. A piece of towel
Pour some denatured alcohol on to the piece of towel and gently blot the stain spot and do this for some time and then pour some cleaning detergent onto the piece of towel and do the same blotting and you will notice the stain is removing within some time.
Remember you need not to rub the towel against carpet as it will generate heat which will take the twist and lay out of your carpet yearns.

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