Time issue become common for a group of people. I am a student and a teacher at the same time. I belongs to a large family system. I also have some personal responsibilities. I am too much tried because of my boring life with full of difficulties and become careless about my own self. I am worried about time management. My question is that How can I manage time? How can I take care of my own self and also other family and fulfill my responsibility as a teacher and a student?

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You can manage your tough routine to follow this, then you can take care of yourself and family and fulfill your responsibility as a teacher and a student.

Keep a list of big things you give up to encourage yourself to do it more. Remember the big things you get come with the big things you give up. Blend work and life instead of balancing them. Think of time as either full focus or partial focus. Admit that you worry what other people think.

Eight tips for effectively managing your time:

Know your goals. Make sure you're engaging in activities that support your business goals, both short- and long-term.

Prioritize wisely.

Just say no.

Plan ahead.

Eliminate distractions.

Delegate more often.

Watch what you spend.

Take care of yourself.


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