How can we utilize an empty tissue roll in an interesting and innovative way?

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Apart from making craft with them (as Anum suggested), if you know someone who has a hamster or mice you can give it to them for the pets to play with. The pets will appreciate it.

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  • tissue roll make for very good cable holders. A little bit of glue and spray paint and you can build a cable holder that suits your needs. – BossRoss Dec 13 '18 at 14:02

I have used them for Christmas decorations. I created the idea about when I was 8yrs old. My mother was having a hard time right before Christmas and we had no decorations for the tree. I used the rolls to make them. I first gathered up the rolls, some tacky glue, twine, material. I cut the rolls into three. Measured the material just 1/8 inch wider than the portioned roll. placed the end of the roll portion on to the material and traced a circle around it, repeated it enough for all portion ends, cut them out, glue the material to the portions, let dry for a moment, trim cut the excess off, measure twine to cover rough edges, use thread to create away to hang.

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