As you know; Programming needs concentration, deep thinking, search skills, practical intelligence etc.

I'm a computer engineer/software programmer. I have an empty room in my apartment and I want to turn it my home office for work. I will paint walls, buy some furniture, change my ide color etc. but which color do I need to prefer for programming ?

Is there any psychological/scientific research about colors and programming / or similar job ( includes concentration, thinking, creativity etc. ) ?

I don't need marketing-color research. I need a real color/job research. Here is what I think/found; - Color should easy on eyes. - Color should not give you too much sadness, unhappiness, fear etc. - Color should not give you sleep, take your energy. - I found this side, and here is what site says about your favorite visual studio color :) https://www.colorpsychology.org/black/

  • Mind hacks aren't on topic for this site, I'm afraid – Caius Jard Dec 12 '18 at 19:17
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    white - it never disappoints me. – devedv Jan 9 '19 at 11:02
  • Easy on eyes does not mean productivity. Something like #0658c9 works for me. – Koray Aug 7 '19 at 17:56

I'll answer this based on my research and preference.

GREEN is known to be soothing for eyes, I have customized my editor to keep important and more significat elements in my code as green, like variable declarations so that I can easily check for occurrences.

Avoid black background, it puts extra strain on eyes. Though some prefer the black theme I personally avoid them. The plain white background sometimes gets high on the eyes in the night time, in that case I use screen color dimmers like Flux.

For text selection, I use light gray, selected a function with default blue makes cut / paste a bit tedious.

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