I'm planning for a trip to Iceland and need to stay outdoor for northern light.

Can I know is a Windbreaker + a light down jacket work for this temperature? I'm wearing longjohn and sweater inside too.

If you want to know which brand, probably Columbia windbreaker and Uniqlo ultra light down jacket.

I just want to know does this combination works or not? because this is my first time visiting country that is so cold and wondering can I wear like this or I must get a good down jacket with windproof and waterproof.

  • Longjohn + ski pant
  • Winter sock (Uniqlo heatech) + Timberland classic 6 inch
  • winter hat or earmuff (haven't buy yet)

Thank you in advance.

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  • That’s not asking for a lifehack, that’s a yes/no question for a specific scenario. – Stephie Feb 26 '19 at 18:49

I've made several trips to northern Scandinavia, where the temperature has reached -35c. I can tell you that it's all about layers.

You will need : Merino wool base layer (legs and top, the thinner the better) Probably 2 sets maybe worn at the same time. A 'wicking' layer. Again, thin. A thin. High quality fleece (without hood and zip.. jumper type, again, thin. Another fleece, with hood and zip. A very good skiing outfit (jacket with hood and salopettes that zip or fasten together. Preferably down filled. Glove inners, silk etc. Worn under mittens not gloves. Do not skimp on the cost of the mittens. Multiple thicknesses of socks, long. Good boots, the best cold weather over ankle boots you can afford. A fleece thin hat.. and optionally some ski goggles.

In -35. Anything not covered will freeze in minutes. Your eyelashes.. moisture on your mouth and nose... Fingers.. And your hands and feet will get cold very quickly unless your wearing good boots and mittens.

Iceland may not be quite as cold as northern Lapland.. but nothing ruins a trip to a beautiful place like Iceland more than constantly feeling cold.

In some places.. they will send you straight to the clothes hire shop if what you're wearing is dangerously inadequate.

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  • Wearing anything made of wool is an excellent advice, but I propose wearing a thin layer of cotton as the first layer, then wool as the second layer. The reason is that we don't stop producing sweat in the cold and cotton is better at absorbing moisture than wool. And it reduces itching from the wool. – Elmy Feb 1 '19 at 12:47

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