I am adamantly opposed to having my head x-rayed every time I have my teeth cleaned. Is there a way I can force the dentist to clean my teeth without the obnoxious x-rays? This problem does not come under the category of everyday problems because I am confronted with dentists that are in cahoots with each other. If they allow one potential patient to get away with refusing x-rays, it will cost them thousands of Dollars in lost profits. The answer I need would be how I can go over their heads to some state or federal agency that has the power to order the dentist to clean my teeth without the requirement of x-rays. I have had way to many x-rays in my life and because of the fact that radiation exposure is cumulative, I don't want any more.



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    You could just say "I don't want X-rays". If your dentist refuses, get another dentist. – BrettFromLA Jan 17 '19 at 16:28

Yes. Unless the xray is part of the procedure of cleaning your teeth, there is no reason why a dentist would need to force you to have an xray done prior to the cleaning procedure. As far as I know, xray and teeth cleaning are two separate procedures which can be well done independently of each other. Xray always requires your consent as otherwise it would be bodily harm (unless you are unable to give consent obviously) and no dentist should ever refuse doing that procedure just because you do not give consent on the xray. I would tell them this and also mention that you could otherwise take your business elsewhere.

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