Sorry if slightly off topic of the site, but I've looked at all the stackexchange forums and this is the closest I could see.

There's a specific symbol on my washing machine, and I think dryer. It appears on other laundry machines but not all and it's impossible to google.

LG Washing machine control panel

The symbol is shown in the image attached beside "Cotton+" and it looks like the backspace symbol, being a box-like left pointing arrow.

In this picture there's nothing inside the box, but my LG machine has temperature selections where some (Not all) temperatures like 40 and 60 appear inside the box.

Does anyone have a link to a reference where this is described in any literature? I am very curious what it's meaning is.

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    Try reading the user's manual? – pboss3010 Jan 23 at 17:43
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    Welcome to lifehacks! Sorry, but the questions we allow here are asking for lifthacks, like "How can I put sunscreen on my own back?" You may want to try a general information site like Quora.com or Yahoo Answers. They may be able to tell you what that symbol is! – BrettFromLA Jan 23 at 17:47
  • (That icon could be representing a collar stay, which you're typically supposed to remove before washing the shirt.) – BrettFromLA Jan 23 at 17:48

I have that icon on my own washing machine (Hotpoint) - I'm in the UK. It usually means there's more than one option for a selection - for mine, it means there are two options under that particular selection, one at 60deg for 190 minutes, and one at 40deg for 170 minutes. So if you selected the Cotton + symbol, the display will likely ask you to select something else to decide which one you want...

You really need the user manual and for that you need the model as well as make of washing machine...although having said that, I haven't read all of mine yet and I've had the machine over a year...

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