I have already reverted my phone to the factory default but still I find myself whiling my time away on chrome. I need to physically restrain myself from accessing my phone.

Such that it takes 10-15 minutes to dismantle whatever I am using to restrain myself from using it. The only somewhat feasible idea I can come up with is wrapping the entire thing with duct tape but that would most likely leave (glue?) marks on the phone and wouldn't be feasible in the long term.

I do need to access the phone once or twice a day for uber. I am well aware that apps do exist which restrict access to specific apps however since my phone is on factory defaults I tend to simply factory reset it again.

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    This seems to need a mind hack/resolve a psychological issue rather than a physical one. Denying yourself access to your phone in this way will probably only make things worse; invest time in looking into why you feel the need to use your phone so much and look at curing that? – Caius Jard Mar 8 at 5:06

You could put it in a timelock container.

Set the lock to whatever time you next need to book an uber or whatever and job done.


I like the idea of the timelock container, but another option that meets your criteria is to build a box with a slot like a piggybank, slot protected by a flap of thick rubber so the phone can go in but not out. Removing the phone will require you to unscrew all the screws, but you can use a drill and do it fast if you are at home (or in some designated "allowed" location). The disadvantage is that putting the box back together needs as much time as taking it apart.

A simpler hack: if you have a colleague or friend who will play along, tell them "Give this back at noon, and charge me $20 if I want it sooner". Optionally, raise the price each time. If you trust them, give them a signed cheque and tell them they should cash it if you demand your phone back sooner.


Why physically restrain yourself when you have far superior mental powers all along?

It might comfort you to look at my related comment and see the commonalities.

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