I woke up today and realise of these stings in my ankles. Is that a tick sting? A spider sting? What can I do to prevent it



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  • Flea bites perhaps – Caius Jard Apr 5 at 5:50
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Could be flee bites given the fact that all are so close to each other


The best way to prevent insect bites is to use insect repellent every time you go outside. While this is feasible in theory, Its often the last thing I think about when going out. Insect repellent also tends to be toxic. In fact the more toxic, the better it works.

You should apply insect repellent to your clothes as well as any exposed skin.

A less effective alternative is to use essential oils. Tea tree oil and citronella have proven to discourage insect bites. You can add some to your shower gel or laundry. Just a few drops is plenty. Be very careful about applying essential oils directly to skin, they can be very potent. Essential oils are effective for some people but not others. So it would probably be a trial by error.


It is definitely not a tick sting. Looks more like a mosquito one. Use insect repellent or net or high socks.

  • Hello! Well I cannot belive it is a mosquito sting because my feet were covered all night. I did use repellent though – user586431 Apr 5 at 5:14

Where are you located? They look like chigger bites to me. They are mites that live in hot humid areas.

They will transfer from grass onto your shoes and socks. bites on the ankles are very common.

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