I have a pile of gift cards that have such small balances that they might be better used in some other (clever) and useful way?

What is the best way you can think of?

  • Are these gift cards like normal plastic credit cards, or are they the paper type? – Jacques Ramsden May 6 at 23:10
  • @JacquesRamsden Yes. These are credit-card sized plastic gift cards given to us over the last few years. – Stan May 6 at 23:15
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    Take them to the recycling center, or see if there is a local charity that can get a financial boost from them in some way – Caius Jard May 8 at 7:48
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    Most local charities near me will accept them as gifts and will use the balance on them. – Chenmunka May 8 at 14:10
  • That never occurred to me. Please submit that as an answer rather than a comment. Many do not have a balance as they are beyond their date, however. – Stan May 9 at 3:23

You could find a friend who plays a stringed instrument (or perhaps a school band class) and ask them if they'd be interested in taking some or all of your cards. Amazon (and probably other places) sells something called a "pick punch" and those old gift cards are perfect for making guitar/mandolin/banjo picks (a pick is also called a plectrum, but most people call it a pick.) I would have loved to have had one of those gadgets when my boys were in middle school band.. they were constantly losing picks.

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    Welcome to Lifehacks, hig, We hope you enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience here. – Stan May 15 at 5:44

use them as handy ice scrapers for your windscreen ?

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