I have tried to rinse but i do not know how to do it properly

How can i rinse my nose with water while using basin/sink? I may sound stupid for such a simple question but please guide me preferably with a video or animation?

  • Can you edit your question to add some more info about why this might need a life hack? Most people don't "rinse their nose", this site is not for queries about health issues and processes, and the process of putting water up your nose for some reason doesn't seem to need a "creative use of an object for a purpose other than which it was originally designed" (i.e. A life hack) - you just put your face in a bowl of water and breathe in through your nose, sucking the water up gently. If you can edit your question to outline why you might need a life hack it would be great – Caius Jard May 9 '19 at 5:18

Not really a hack, more of an item you can use and a simple type into a browser can show you what you need, but you can use something like this:

As I said just type 'nose rinser' into a browser and most of the gadgets look the same and do the same thing, just see the one that you think will suit you best. You can get them online for a few pounds. This one is on eBay for £3.49 but you can get them loads of other places.

Nose Rinser

Hope this helps!


Use a small watering can. The small ones, for potted plants and not for the garden. Just fill it up and put the nozzle into your nose. However, don’t force the water into your nose or anything. And afterwards, you can sniff some leftover water out. Costs less, hopefully you can find one somewhere around your house.

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