I only spend a bit of time every year at a camp and I don't want to keep the power on all year. Will it be okay for my fridge? This is my first year having this camp.

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As long as the fridge is empty, clean, and dry inside, being powered down for nine months out of the year will do it no harm.

It would probably be prudent to unplug the unit while cleaning and drying, and leave it unplugged while your camp isn't occupied, to protect against power surges when the power is being turned off and back on (refrigerators seemingly are especially vulnerable to surges and undervoltage). You may even want to leave the doors of the refrigerator and freezer open, though that's a tradeoff between bugs and rodents moving in, and having a "closed up compartment" smell when you return.

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    Use something to keep the doors open a bit for aeration so they won't close when unattended. – Stan Jun 7 at 14:56
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    I've seen people put a small piece of cardboard between the door and the frame, to keep it slightly open, then use packing tape to hold it shut. – Lefty Jun 7 at 22:08

Leaving them slightly open is better.

In my experience, closing the doors for a period of time always generated a stench, unless there was fresh baking soda or activated charcoal inside.

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