Sometimes, without knowing the temperature of the hot coffee or hot water, we burn our taste-buds by sudden take of hot drinks. This causes our taste-buds in the tip of the tongue burn and for the next two days we can't really enjoy the taste of other food.

Is there a quick remedy for this so that the burn reduces within few hours? Well, ice pack doesn't help. Is there anything else?

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    When you burn or scald yourself you have to be very very quick to douse the area with cold water, to prevent the heat from travelling further inwards. – Weather Vane Mar 9 at 11:42
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    Instead of remedy as the damage has been done, some quick relief is to cool the area quickly—as in suck ice chips or a popsicle™ to soothe the pain. Good reason to have one handy in the freezer. – Stan Mar 10 at 1:01

I have put regular white granulated sugar on my tongue when I have burned it.

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I've found that a few minutes rinsing with baking soda and water soothes the tongue.

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