To save electricity and protect environment, I eschew drying the microfiber cloths in the dryer. When I place them in an open plastic box to dry, dust, lint and motes end up on the microfiber cloth! I don't use a plastic box with a lid because then water will evaporate much more slowly.

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How to Clean your Microfiber Towels - Adam's Polishes

Microfiber can be machine dried if you prefer, use a low heat setting and NO FABRIC SOFTENER. Air or line drying is also an option, be sure to do this somewhere the towels cannot be contaminated with dust or lint.

How to Clean & Care for Microfiber Cloths! - Clean My Space

Can I put microfiber cloths in the dryer?

I recommend tumble drying on low, or no heat. You can even air dry them if you want.


You dry them like all other laundry - you hang them one by one on a clothesline or rack. Drying laundry in a pile is a very bad idea. Microfiber dries quickly, so unless you try this exercise in a particularly dusty environment, no need to worry. Then, when they are fully dry put them in a closed box for protected storage.

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