I don't have a liquid solution specially made to clean the screens of phones. So what's the substitute for that? I can't use only a cloth since my screen has got stains. So can I use sanitizer/ lens solution? Or is there a better substitute? I need a solution for a stain on my phone's screen. Since for fingerprint marks I simply use a spectacles' cloth

  • Rubbing alcohol might be suitable for this purpose. Feb 19, 2021 at 17:10

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The safest method is to use a lint free cloth (preferably), moistened with soapy water.

  • Is that safe? Have you ever used it?
    – Ojasvi
    Jul 20, 2020 at 18:42
  • 2
    Yes, I have. It's probably the most conservative thing you could do.
    – BobJS1
    Jul 20, 2020 at 19:53

I always use Lens Cleaning Wipes, originally meant to clean my glasses, but they can also clean phones:

Lens wipes

Using one once a week or so is enough in my case. I use the same wipe for glasses and phone, and it works as each wipe is pretty large.


It highly depends on the kind of dirt which is deposited on the screen.

For the most of the cases (no exceptions so far) I used 2 methods:

  • use some clean dry cotton cloth - dry cleaning; removes mostly dust and natural finger grease;
  • use some wet clean cotton cloth to wash stubborn spots, then apply the fist method for finishing.

I use smartphones for about 10 years, and the above always worked.

NOTE: I am careful and I do not "apply" on the screen unneeded garbage: greases, chocolates, paints...


I was supremely paranoid about how to clean my laptop screen and my smartphone at first so I spent an inordinate amount of time researching on the web and bought 'the #1 rated formula' spray for LCD, DLP, Plasma, cell phone screens+ from Fry's, I think. It is called Klear Screen; just now found more info. This is what I bought, but the bottle labeling has changed so it is not as informative (at least not at this site and same at Amazon; $9.95 at both sites now) https://klearscreen.com/collections/klear-screen/products/ks-8


but there is an abundance of info at their FAQs page https://klearscreen.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions Pix of my bottle: front back side-UPC-KS8

Now for both, I often just breathe on them (with the screens off) and wipe with a soft washcloth. For the smartphone, when I'm out and about, same thing only I wipe it on my slacks or blouse...depending on a number of quick considerations (which is cleaner and which don't I mind wiping my phone on at the time. If at first I don't succeed, I repeat until clean. Not paranoid anymore, works just fine and I didn't die and my laptop and cell screens are unscathed as well.


My solution is a little different. I only buy waterproof phones. When I want to clean them, I follow this procedure (obviously don't try this if your phone isn't waterproof):

  1. I put a tiny dot of gentle dishwashing detergent on the back of my hand.
  2. I then tap the screen of the phone to the back of my hand to transfer an ever-so-small amount of the detergent to the screen's surface.
  3. I run a little bit of water over the device and use my fingers to wipe all surfaces of the phone.
  4. I rinse the phone for a couple seconds.
  5. Tadaaa! The phone is now wonderfully clean.
  6. I then use the rest of the dot of dishwashing detergent on the back of my hand to wash my hands.
  7. Tadaaa! Clean hands too!

Although I cannot make any guarantees, I've personally done this for years without any issues.

This procedure the big added bonus of likely cleaning off bacteria and possibly even SARS-Co-V2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) from your phone. If you want a better chance of removing any SARS-Co-V2 virion, perform steps 3 and 4 for at least 3 seconds each. My understanding is that soap helps destroy the shell around SARS-Co-V2 virion after about 30 seconds of rubbing, rendering the remaining RNA harmless.

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