I want to attach a flat little multitool, a little earplug canister, and a little LED light to my keyring, but their bulk means the keyring won't lie relatively flattish.

So I put these bulkier items on small 1cm-diameter split keyrings, and slip those onto the keyring. This works great! The bulky stuff is a little farther away from the bulky parts of regular keys, so the key pile lies relatively flat. But after a while, the thin, fine-gauge wires that comprise those little keyrings come unraveled, snags on clothes and bags, and eventually drop what they're holding.

What are some alternatives?

  • I haven't had great luck with the threaded, locking twisted wire keyrings. They're too big for what I'm looking for. (Haven't seen them smaller than 1.25" diameter)
  • I don't like attaching a bunch of slightly larger keyrings to a carabiner. Because I just end up leaving stuff behind. I want the big bulky, single keyring, with a bunch of little things attached.
  • Use larger satellite keyrings, for added strength and tighter coil pressure, instead of the weak wire ones. – Weather Vane Aug 5 '20 at 18:15
  • 1
    What about cable ties...? – Lefty Aug 5 '20 at 22:41
  • Thanks @Chenmunka. My original question was closed because the closer said it wasn't problem-focused enough. So I rewrote it here. The closer now says I should've edited my original question. Should I delete this question & move its contents to the original? The question I really want answered is: what are 3-looped split-keyrings called? You edited that out of this. How can I ask that in a way that's ok with Lifehacks? Sheesh new contribs are hard at Lifehacks. – EEE Aug 5 '20 at 22:59

There are several shapes of carabiner like hooks and connectors on the market. I am personally fond of S shaped ones that are available from about 5 mm by 10 mm to about 40 by 80 mm, or an even wider range. Out of door activity shops often stock these and other solutions.

The lifehack solution would be, for me at least, a piece of string closed with a good knot instead of your small key rings, or even the bigger one.


First, buy several small standard spiral keyrings, about half-inch size. When you link 2 or more together, you get a short chain between your device and the main keyring. Now everything can pivot and lay flat. Also I use the smaller key rings to organize groups of keys on my main key ring.

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