We've intentionally oversized our solar panel array to have capacity for an EV we're planning to buy once our current cars punch out. Until then we produce and push back to the grid an excess. This excess is carried as a credit for 12 months towards our future power usage. I am wondering what would be a possible household way of converting this excess into dollars and cents. One example I can think of is coin mining, but it marginally effective these days due to dominance of specialized mining hardware/farms. Any creative ideas are welcome!

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    Are we to assume that this essentially just needs to be a temporary way to use your excess power? Presumably, when you get your EV, you will no longer have an excess? In which case, you really need to calculate approximately how many KWh in total you need to "waste" in order to determine how much capital expenditure is viable to outlay.
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  • Work with neighbors? Commented Oct 19, 2020 at 9:50
  • I am not up-voting the question because you actually want a business idea for free. But some of the answers are actually good, and even within the rules of the site.
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If you have any gas appliances (range/oven, dryer, water heater), replace them with electric ones.


Do not know where you are from, but in France, some are able to sell their excess electricity to the state and have the option of purchasing extra electricity from the state at a very reduced price in times when their system is down for whatever reason.

You may also wish to store some of your electricity in batteries designed for such storage.


Depending on where you live, there might be e-bike or e-scooter rental services around. These companies put a number of devices out on the streets in big cities, but collecting all of them to recharge the batteries is too much effort. So they contract people and pay them to recharge their devices, usually paying the current end customer power prices.

This solution is tied to some effort, because you have to go out, collect the e-bikes or e-scooters in the streets around you and put them back in the streets after recharging the batteries.

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    ProTip™: If you do this, please do NOT leave them in the middle of the sidewalk when you're done! That really seemed to be the thing to do last summer where I live. It's really quite annoying to those use the sidewalks for... walking...
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You can also host your own server using the free electricity available and make money from the server. For instance, see this webpage, and here is a detailed post on return on investment from housing a server.

From https://hostimul.com/make-money-with-a-dedicated-server/

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You said you were planning on getting an EV. Why not install a charger for the car now and then advertise it as a place people can charge theirs until you get your car?

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