I have these pods from Oppo for almost 5 months now and they are causing problems. Basically, after I use them for some time the audio from the left starts decreasing till I can barely hear it. But if I press it deeper into my ear or tap it hard I can hear it better for a moment. I think it could be wax and all that's got in there, and I want to know how to remove, it as going out and getting it opened for a check is too risky because of Covid-19.

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Likely never recommended by the Manufacturer but I find it works:

I’ve had success with rubbing alcohol as it is a polar solvent that can really loosen up wax. I use a cue tip and make sure not to drench them. Then I immediately blow dry on very LOW heat or no heat for at most 5 seconds. Then leave them overnight to dry.

  1. Vacuum-clean it.
  2. Use this sort of cleaning slime. You can buy it or DIY

Born and Bred in Cairns and I used to get a Tropical Ear every summer when I was younger and my Nanna put 2 drops of warm cooking oil 🧫🐰👵

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    Hi Bernice Sexy Joinbee, Welcome to Lifehacks. Be sure to visit Tour and Help center to find out more about our site. Are you sure you want to suggest putting warm cooking oil into earpods to remove wax and debris? I don't think so.
    – Stan
    Jun 9, 2022 at 16:41

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