In some common operating systems, including Windows, both the forward slash and backslash are reserved characters that cannot be used in filenames.

Yet sometimes one has a good reason to want to include such characters in a filename. What I currently do is replace all forward slashes with the string !fslash! and all backslashes with the string !bslash! when I want to indicate one of those characters in a filename.

Is there a better hack than what I am already doing?


If you do not need it to look like a slash, you can use a different substitution character.

If you want the character to actually look like a slash, you can use the division slash, unicode U+2215.

The best option for the backslash alternative is probably the double backslash character, unicode U+244A.

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    Just keep that this approach will likely confuse any other use trying to find a folder called like the first part of the file. Apr 23 at 19:14

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