How do I reduce the mouse clicking sound on my lap top? Every time I click on something the neighbor can hear me.

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    Does this answer your question? How can I reduce the sound of clicking my mouse? Or SE Sound Design How do I remove mouse click noise. Unless you mean the OS is producing an audio FX of the click, in which case turn it off in the settings. Sep 30 at 19:16
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    Can you use the touchpad?
    – Syed
    Oct 5 at 14:07
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    Buy a silent mouse, they are marketed as such. Oct 5 at 18:36
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    Replace with a touchpad that accepts a tap as a click, tap two fingers for right click. Oct 6 at 5:48
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    is the clicking noise from a loud mouse, or is your operating system configured to make sounds when you click your mouse? Oct 8 at 21:24

If using your keyboard is silent enough, offer your mouse a rest and use where possible short-cuts and key-bindings.

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to cut-and-paste are likely familiar to you. You may gradually extend this knowledge, though. On this page which I access with firefox, for example, I may advance to the next post on the same page by j and return to the previous by k, may jump to the open answer mask by a, access the inbox by i, etc. Similar to the vim editor, you may start using some of these key-bindings e.g., in web browsers, pdf viewers, image viewers, too. While these examples are from using Linux, there equally are shortcuts and key bindings in programs for Windows and Mac.

Not to all situations are suitable for this approach; however where possible, given your hands stay more often on the keyboard with less travel back from and forth to the mouse, your work may become more focused. It is a technique you acquire gradually.


Have you tried silent mouses like these?

I use a Logitech M330 and it is nearly silent.

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