Suppose you do not have a pocket knife. What are some methods you can carry a knife with you in your rucksack without the blade destroying it / hurting you.

Methods I already know:

  • Stick the knife in Styrofoam. Works, but the styrofoam degrades quickly.
  • Wrap the knife in textiles and secure it with strings. Works but is laborious.
  • Wrap the knife in ductape - Leads to complete mess with tape sticking to the blade - Only recommended as a last resort
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    On a smaller scale, I keep a scalpel in a sheath of reinforced PVC pipe I happened to have already. If the knife is single-edged you could use a length of pipe with one side cut along its length to house the sharp side of the blade. But if you have to buy anything, buy a proper sheath, or make one out of leather. Or see this video. Oct 7 at 20:58
  • If you meant polystyrene foam, it can work fine for years, at least for shorter-blade knives, if you use high density foam, the one without visible bubbles that crumble away. It's rarely used for packaging though, and so less likely to be around when needed.
    – Zeus
    Oct 7 at 23:55
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    How big a knife? Hobby knife (X-acto style), paring knife, steak knife, boning knife, (meat) carving knife, chef knife, cleaver? The answers will be different over that range.
    – Zeiss Ikon
    Oct 8 at 11:14
  • Does this answer your question? Looking for a solution to store and carry my knife Oct 10 at 9:45

I have carried paring knives in cardboard sheaths wrapped in duct tape and tightened with zip ties and it has worked ok. The key it to make it very tight. The sheath worked for the length of the picnic. I do not that think that would scale to blades larger than a chef's knife or down to an x-acto blade.


Wrap the blade with any paper material several times and use some tape to secure it tight. For the tip, simply fold and tape to hold it in place.
The knife won't cut through the paper unless you try really hard to; you can try to do it to test if will hold in the rucksack, in my experience it surprisingly works really well.


You can make a temporary holder from a used food packaging (ie those foil backed or plastic packets that camping meals come in) or just about any durable material and some tape. Same idea as using duct tape but use something without the sticky side between the blade and the tape. You could of course double over the tape so you don't stick the tape to the knife with tape alone.

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