Is there a way to train yourself for skydiving if you have vertigo?

Like progressive steps with other sports or activities that start training you for it, so skydiving is not such a big change. Has anyone done it?


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Like gliding, skydiving is really not a sport that vertigo affects - you are so far removed from the ground that it doesn't make you wobble. I have trouble going near the edge of a cliff, or even near a window if I am more than a couple of floors upas I have vertigo, but can happily fly a glider, with no panic.

So don't worry about preparing for the vertigo aspect. Training instead is focused on the steps you need to do safely, and when.

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    It's conditioning. At the school, you'll learn how to land safely (legs, back, head position, etc.). The succession of heights to 'hop' off will start at a few feet and increase. Take them as you come to them. Stop whenever you want - it's not a race. Enjoy. I'm with Rory.
    – Stan
    Nov 18, 2021 at 13:59

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